Time Management

How many of you have said this, “It’s due next week. I have time.”? Then you realize that it’s the day before and you still haven’t done your assignment. You are not alone. Many students and even adults struggle with time management. It is a hard skill but it is so important especially as a student. I was able to come up 4 life hacks to help me be more productive at managing my time.

  1. Write out a TO DO List and organize them based on which ones need to be prioritized more

       the reason why I say “write” instead of “type” is because writing out the things you have to do will make it easier for you to remember what you have to do. It has been proven that those who write their notes versus type their notes have a greater chance of retaining the information. For me, a to do list is crucial. It helps me visualize what I have to do that day. I know if I didn’t write down my homework assignments, classes I have to study for, chores I have to do, I would forget it. It is such a satisfying feeling when you finish a task and can finally cross it off your list. This will make you feel more motivated to get all your tasks completed. It gives us structure instead of getting stressed out over not knowing what you have and/or need to do that day.

  1. Shut down your social media

       My biggest distraction is definitely technology. I could be doing my essay and as soon as I see my phone screen light up, my attention gravitates towards it and I end up doing my essay last minute. I know how hard it is to not open up a tab on your computer and go on Facebook especially since majority of our work is online. Now, there are several apps that will block your computer and phone from going on certain websites and apps for a certain amount of time. This will help eliminate a big distraction while you are studying.

  1. Be Realistic

       Majority of the time, I give myself so many tasks for me to complete in one day when in reality, I can’t. Prioritize the most important tasks and have those be completed before adding more onto your to do list. I would list out so many things on my list, it would give me anxiety and make me less motivated to get things done.

  1. Don’t forget to sleep at least 7-8 hours

       I remember when teachers and adults will tell me to try and sleep by 10-11pm. I thought this was impossible considering how much work I had. The more I thought about it, I realized that the reason for me going to bed at 3-4am was because I never got an early start to my work. Sacrificing your sleep to get things done will lead to low quality work. Our body and mind work together. If we have lack of sleep, then our mind won’t be working as productively as it could be. A good night’s rest can help you feel more motivated and energized to tackle your to do list.

Now that you know my 4 life hacks, I hope you guys can utilize it and incorporate it into your lifestyle. Once you have a routine going, I assure you that managing your time and being productive will be a piece of cake. I know getting these habits down was not an easy thing for me to do. I had days where I just wanted to sleep and leave things to the last minute, but the more I continued to follow these hacks, I became more motivated and productive in my school work. Let’s get motivated together and make this school year our best year yet!


-Jessica Lee

imageJessica Lee
10/08/2018 1:24pm


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