New Minute, New Hour, New You?

I have been thinking lately about “new beginnings” and what role they play within the human condition. The human condition is honestly what it sounds like; everything is temporary and we will cease to exist one day. Harsh, isn’t it? You may have varying opinions. Either way, the thought of humans drawing mass amounts of attention to a theoretical re-set button at certain points throughout the year has occupied much space in my head. Although it’s possible for a personal goal to fall through the cracks at some point in time, I have noticed it is quite common to construct a time in which it then becomes necessary to set new goals or strip apart bad habits. I am not attempting to shed negative light on the concept of personal betterment. Rather, I am curious as to why we wait for an event such as New Year’s Eve or the summer solstice to starting eating a healthier diet or cutting out time in your day to read. If you wake to an alarm before school on a random Thursday morning and the first though in your head is Hm, I would love to get more restful sleep each night, then why not attempt to adjust your sleep schedule? In my opinion, each minute ticking away is a new beginning if you let it be. Navigating through college schedules has helped me form this opinion.

            All of a sudden during one of my first semesters of college I opened my agenda to shamefully realize there were three exams I had to take by the end of the week. My stress level that particular slew of days still encourages me to be proactive in my own career. I will openly admit at first I did not fully come to terms with what habits I needed to implant in my daily routine and those I needed to scrap. Nowadays I have established a few methods that certainly help keep me on track. Maybe they will work for you, too!

            At the end of each day make time to go through the notes you took in your classes. I suggest writing down three short bulleted points of important information and comments from each subject. By doing this, your brain is forced to revisit information it was exposed to earlier that day instead of in a couple weeks when a pop quiz or writing assignment makes an appearance. Not only will you be more prepared with what greets you in your syllabi, but your ability to recall the information will be strengthened. It is saddening to hear of your friends falling behind in classes and you, personally, earning a grade you thought should have been higher. Similar to any sport, the more frequently the brain practices, the better the outcome. In this case if you spend a lot of time here and there reviewing notes in comparison to awaiting an exam, there is less to study and you will already have developed a strong understanding of the material. All in all, the benefits extend father than I can explain. However, it begins with your own motivation and each person has individualized sources of drive and desire. Forget the New Year’s resolutions. What are your sources? 

imageClaire Kopfmann
9/27/2018 1:15pm


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