Home can be a Feeling

     It is incredibly common to experience bouts of homesickness while away at school. Most importantly, keep in mind everyone deals with this uneasy feeling in their own way. That being said, don’t hesitate to talk with a friend about how you’re feeling.

     I recall the last night sleeping in my bed before I rode passenger in a car packed to the ceiling with everything I needed to make home elsewhere. My mind was filtering through a slew of thoughts about the familiarity of my bedroom, my pets wandering about and the sounds of my family members cooking, laughing, and supporting one another. At first I was torn watching road signs pass by my window I knew all too well, until I settled into my new space.

     At first it was unsettling to get used to clothes in different drawers, a new mattress, and so forth. A couple nights in, however, I reflected on the first few days of navigating my campus and personalizing my new space. I began thinking about what ‘home’ means to me.

Home is…



Unconditional support




                                                                                                …what you make it. Home is exactly what you make it; it doesn’t have to be linked to a specific area. Living in the same house in the same town since I was born, moving spaces was quite a shock at first. Having said so, surrounding myself with people who love me and make me feel safe was a huge start. As I covered my walls with pictures and artwork I truly realized your home can most certainly encompass a feeling.

     Imagine yourself navigating life’s journey as a ball of yarn. Each place you’ve explored and resided has been threading a web that is you, and there will always be a thread back home…wherever that may be.

imageClaire Kopfmann
9/11/2018 3:40am


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