Maintaining High School Friendships

Everything was going to different. Everything was going to change. We would all be going our separate ways, working towards our own future, our own goals, our own career. Saying goodbye to my friends was the hardest thing I have ever done. Even though we would all see each other during Thanksgiving break, we knew that our friendship would be different now. We wouldn’t see each other 5 times a week, have classes together, and have sleepovers. We would be 100 miles away from each other. We wouldn’t have school be an excuse for us to see each other anymore, It would be up to us to maintain and prioritize our friendship. We weren’t crying because it was goodbye. We were crying because we knew things would never be the same. We were afraid that all our memories in high school would become nothing compared to our new college lifestyle. We were afraid that the people we called best friends would become strangers over the course of 4 years. Some of us would drift away and find other friends, while some of us will stay friends for life. Because we wouldn’t be together during the school year, we would have little to talk about besides updates on how college is. Instead of having heart to heart conversations, it would just be a routine conversation. We already texted each other everyday but slowly we would text once a day, once a week, once a month. This wasn’t on purpose, but we became occupied in living the college experience. My friends and I promised that no matter how busy we would be with our new friends, our classes, college parties, etc, we would make the effort to maintain our friendship, but still needed to understand that we would all be busy doing our own things We also made sure we understood that if our friendship fizzled out, it would still be okay because we are all trying to adapt to college and focus on our own path. We needed to continue looking forward and try to make new friends and experience new things. So we said goodbye by promising to follow 3 simple rules:

  1. Be understanding of each other

  2. Give each other space

  3. Make an effort

I knew without a doubt that my friends were in it for the long run. I knew they would stick it out with me. Slowly, one by one, my friends started to leave for college to start the new step into their future. College would be the biggest test for our friendship. It would reveal who my true friends are and who were just my high school friends, nothing more. I decided that it wouldn’t be worth my time to fight for a friendship when that person didn’t put in the same effort. I would have to let those friendships go, but I would hold onto those who showed me that our friendship meant the world to them and didn’t want it to fade.

“True friends never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart.”

-Hellen Keller

By: Jessica Lee

imageJessica Lee
9/03/2018 2:20am


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