On Turning the Page

I could begin by talking about mind over matter, keeping goals set in the forefront of your mind or what to stock your backpack with for the start of the new school year. What I will say instead, is this: Rise with the fall.

            As you and your sun-kissed friends get together one last time before returning to syllabi and schedules, take a moment to reflect on the summer months that seemingly flew over your head. Summer tends to come back around quicker than you think, right? But it’s hard to believe when the top of a to-do list starts with, “Buy new notebooks and desk organizers.” Nonetheless, it’s important to take time for yourself and think back on all of the carefree moments you spent in the summer heat.

            Heading back to school may invite feelings of stress, but there are many ways to prepare yourself and prevent unnecessary anxieties. In fact, the changing of the seasons is a perfect time to recollect and begin fresh. In the last couple weeks in the summer heat make a list of everything you need to settle into the semester, alongside a few realistic goals to keep yourself grounded. From experience, I tend to set the bar too high for myself and wonder why I am disappointed in the future. In other words, this upcoming year one of my goals is to set more reasonable goals! I would love to focus on working through the steps I need to take in order to head in the right direction. Sometimes seeing an extensive laundry list of goals I would love to cross off in a heartbeat actually turns me in the opposite direction; balance is heavily impacting my life at the moment. That being said, a new school year tends to present itself to me as balanced. My new agenda is ready to invite me into structure, my bike is prepared to get me from point A to point B no matter how long I have to pedal uphill, and my pens scream at me from their unopened packages. Spill my ink, I have so much to teach you, they seem to say.

            Despite a new school year tasting like a fresh squeezed glass of lemonade, it can be easy to get lost in the sweetness of the hustle. Make time to relax, set reminders for things that you need to get done, and set aside time to recover from deadlines, notetaking and social frenzy. As the summer comes to a close, let the leaves turn colors and rise with the brisk evening winds slipping under your bedroom window. Fall is inviting you; R.S.V.P with confidence. 

imageClaire Kopfmann
8/15/2018 6:30pm


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