Un-packing College

After transferring colleges, moving from dorm to suite, and returning home in between, I realized some of the belongings I was packing and un-packing remained untouched. This got me thinking… How much of this stuff do I actually need? Clearing out the old to make room for the new can apply to more situations than say, friends. This summer I began rummaging through boxes and bags packed from various semesters and the ones piled in the back corner of my closet.

            You may be asking yourself why I chose to write about this and what it has to do with anything. Well, obviously there’s nothing wrong with organizing the items you tend to gather up here and there over the years. Nonetheless, it feels incredibly satisfying to lay out what you own and decide whether to donate, keep, or sell. Personally, if I decided one day to pick up my stuff and go live somewhere else for any reason, I would love to know exactly what I have and where I have it. This makes shopping much more of a breeze as well! Say goodbye to scanning racks of clothing in the mall wondering what you need to buy. For instance, next year I am living in an apartment so I no longer need certain organizers, bins, shelves, etc. I bought to cram my belongings into the closet-sized freshman dorm room. Granted not all rooms are designed the same and give you the same space, but if another freshman can make use of what is now collecting dust somewhere, why not try it out?

            Moving into an apartment is kind of a big stride for me. It means cooking for myself, furnishing it, and generally maintaining my own mini-home. As I recently sat on my bedroom floor tossing extra blankets into the donation pile and a shoe rack into the ‘keep’ pile, various thoughts bounced around in my mind.

·         As a freshman, consider visiting donation stations at your school. At the end of each semester, students are usually encouraged to donate gently used items. If you have older siblings, even better!

·         As a full-time college student, a hefty amount of your funds are spent of back-breaking textbooks. I highly recommend bringing books to school to read “for pleasure.”  I put this in quotes because reading should always be pleasurable, however, under the pressures of college courses sometimes this doesn’t seem possible. Do yourself a favor and cut out even fifteen minutes a day to relax and read something you can dive into. Consistently challenge and entertain your mind.

·         Try to be realistic with what you’re really going to use. As I mentioned before, your space may be small.

·         When buying decorations to turn your bland walls into a vibrant canvas of pictures and tapestries, think ahead! Maybe you can keep those decorations for future living spaces.

Everyone knows college comes with major academic responsibilities, and sometimes there are ceremonies you may be invited to attend. Whether it is a breakfast to honor an academic achievement, an event for a club, or even a trip with a group of people studying your major, you may need specific attire. Don’t hesitate to ask upperclassmen friends to borrow something. The expenses can certainly add up!

Organizing doesn’t have to be a bore. When it comes down to it, college is all about transitioning and stretching the leash of your independence even further. Save up money where you can!

imageClaire Kopfmann
8/01/2018 2:25am


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